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Jing Zhou

Jing Zhou

Position Title Professor
Postal address 71 East Beijing Road, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China
Postal Code 210008 E-mail zhoujing@issas.ac.cn


Jing ZHOU, PhD, Professor and PhD Supervisor in Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences and University of Chinese Academy. He is the Deputy Director of National Engineering and Technology Research Center for Red Soil Improvement, expert of Committee of Population, Resources and Environment of Jiangxi People's Political Consultative Conference, and agro-environmental expert of FAO. He mainly focuses on the remediation of soil contamination, soil acidification etc. He has joined more than 20 programs, including “973”, “863”, National Key Technology R&D Program, Key Research and Development Plan, STS program of Chinese Academy of Sciences. His studies have been extensively published in more than 170 scientific journal papers, including 18 scientific journal papers published in Q1 and Q2 of JCR since 2016. He has 10 invention patents and developed a new material for soil remediation (National Registration). He get 4 achievement awards from Province or Ministry governments. He has presided more than 330 hectare of the soil remediation in Jiangxi, Anhui and Jiangsu Province. He has built a remediation model that has popularized to the whole country and the principal leaders of the State Council made comments and instructions to the model. Three consultation paper about soil remediation has been signed by the principal leaders of the State Council. The remediation engineering of soil pollution by the his group has been reported by People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Economic Daily, China Science News by many times. 

Research Areas

[1] Soil heavy metal and acidification remediation

[2] Atmospheric acid and heavy metals deposition and their ecological effect 

Public Duties

[1] Member of the standing committee of sixth, seventh and eighth Political Consultative Conference of Yintan, Jiangxi province

[2] Expert of the Committee of Population, Resources and Environment of tenth, eleventh and twelfth Political Consultative Conference of Jiangxi province

[3] Garden science adviser of Nanjing Gardens Bureau

[4] Agri-environmental expert of FAO 

Awards and Honours

[1] 2009, Migration and deposition of atmospheric sulfur and nitrogen and their ecological effects, Second prize for natural science of the Ministry of Education.

[2] 2011, The main chemical behaviors of low-molecular-weight organic acids in variable-charge soil, Second prize for natural science of Jiangxi Province.

[3] 2015, Red Soil hilly region of continuous cropping obstacles in peanut research and application of resistance control and key technology of high yield and high efficiency, Second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Jiangxi Province.

[4] 2017, Research and Application of Server Key Techniques in the safe use of heavy metals exceeding farmland and rare earth mine tailings, Second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Jiangxi Province.

[5] The National Science and Technology Reward Fund to help the poor service award

[6] The national field of science and technology award for outstanding contribution.

[7] Innovation Award of Enterprise-University-Research Institute Cooperation of China

Selected Publications

[1]. Zhou, J.; Zhang, C.; Du, B.; Cui, H.; Fan, X.; Zhou, D.;Zhou, J.*, Soil and foliar applications of silicon and selenium effects on cadmium accumulation and plant growth by modulation of antioxidant system and Cd translocation: Comparison of soft vs. durum wheat varieties. Journal of hazardous materials 2020, 402, 123546-123546.

[2]. Zhou, J.; Zhang, C.; Du, B.; Cui, H.; Fan, X.; Zhou, D.;Zhou, J.*, Effects of zinc application on cadmium (Cd) accumulation and plant growth through modulation of the antioxidant system and translocation of Cd in low- and high-Cd wheat cultivars. Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987) 2020, 265, (Pt A), 115045-115045.

[3]. Zhou, J.; Du, B.; Liu, H.; Cui, H.; Zhang, W.; Fan, X.; Cui, J.;Zhou, J.*, The bioavailability and contribution of the newly deposited heavy metals (copper and lead) from atmosphere to rice (Oryza sativa L.). Journal of hazardous materials 2020, 384.

[4]. Zhang, L.; Zhang, C.; Du, B.; Lu, B.; Zhou, D.; Zhou, J.;Zhou, J.*, Effects of node restriction on cadmium accumulation in eight Chinese wheat (Triticum turgidum) cultivars. Science of the Total Environment 2020, 725.

[5]. Zhou, J.; Du, B.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, W.; Xu, L.; Fan, X.; Liu, X.;Zhou, J.*, Distributions and pools of lead (Pb) in a terrestrial forest ecosystem with highly elevated atmospheric Pb deposition and ecological risks to insects. Science of the Total Environment 2019, 647, 932-941.

[6]. Zhang, W.-h.; Sun, R.-b.; Xu, L.; Liang, J.-n.; Zhou, J.*, Assessment of bacterial communities in Cu-contaminated soil immobilized by a one-time application of micro-/nano-hydroxyapatite and phytoremediation for 3 years. Chemosphere 2019, 223, 240-249.

[7]. Zhang, W.-h.; Sun, R.-b.; Xu, L.; Liang, J.-n.; Wu, T.-y.; Zhou, J.* Effects of micro-/nano-hydroxyapatite and phytoremediation on fungal community structure in copper contaminated soil. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 2019, 174, 100-109.

[8]. Wang, J.; Yi, X.; Cui, J.; Chang, Y.; Yao, D.; Zhou, D.; Yang, J.; Zhou, J.*; Chan, A.; Wang, W.; Yin, X., Nonlinear effects of increasing nitrogen deposition on rice growth and heavy metal uptake in a red soil ecosystem of southeastern China. Science of the Total Environment 2019, 670, 1060-1067.

[9]. Liu, H.-L.; Zhou, J.; Li, M.; Hu, Y.-m.; Liu, X.; Zhou, J.*, Study of the bioavailability of heavy metals from atmospheric deposition on It the soil-pakchoi (Brassica chinensis L.) system. Journal of hazardous materials 2019, 362, 9-16.

[10]. Cui, J.; Wang, W.; Peng, Y.; Zhou, F.; He, D.; Wang, J.; Chang, Y.; Yang, J.; Zhou, J.*; Wang, W.; Yao, D.; Du, F.; Liu, X.; Zhao, H., Effects of simulated Cd deposition on soil Cd availability, microbial response, and crop Cd uptake in the passivation-remediation process of Cd-contaminated purple soil. Science of the Total Environment 2019, 683, 782-792.

Representive Projetcs

[1] Demonstration project of farmland soil pollution remediation surrounding a copper smelter in Weizhuang village, Qichun County (QCTRXF201603WZ), 2016.7-2020.12Special fund for prevention of soil pollution of Central government, ¥10030K.

[2] Integration and Demonstration of Integrated Control Technique of heavy metal pollution of farmland along Huaihe River region affected by the mining activity, (2018YFD0800302), 2018.07-2021.07, National Research and Development Project, ¥4450K.

[3] Pollution control and remediation project of arable soil in Linquan County, Fuyang City, ¥11380K.

[4] Development and application of key technology of Analysis of the heavy metal pollution in soil and safe use in Jiangxi province, (20194ABC28010), 2019.01-2021.12Major research and development of science and technology of Jiangxi province¥50000K.

[5] Soil Remediation project of Jiuniugang surrounding Jiangxi Guixi copper smelter, GXHBTRXF2011-01, 2011.11-2014,12, ¥24387.7K.

[6] Remediation technology demonstration of soil polluted by copper and cadmium in Guixi, Jiangxi province, KFJ-EW-STS-016, STS Key Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences, ¥5000K.