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 Hui Wang

Hui Wang

Position Title Professor
Postal address No.71 East Beijing Road, Nanjing, China
Postal Code 210008 E-mail hwang@issas.ac.cn


Wang Hui, PhD, Supervisor of PhD Candidate, Professor of Key Laboratory of Soil Environment and Pollution Remediation, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Deputy Director of the Department of Soil Biology & Biochemistry. His research interests are the risk assessment and resource utilization of agricultural waste, functional organic fertilizer development and soil improvement, ecological process of soil pollution and ecological remediation, ecological function and bioregulation of predatory bacteria. He has presided over or participated in more than 30 projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Key R&D Program. He has co-authored more than 70 papers in Soil & Tillage Research, Bioresource Technology, Applied Soil Ecology, etc., 4 monographs, 6 national invention patents and awarded 2 provincial and ministerial awards.


Soil ecology, Pollution ecology

Community Service

Director of Professional Committee on Soil Ecology, Soil Science Society of China

Vice Presidents of Ecological Society of Jiangsu province

Member of a council of Chinese Society of AGRO-Ecological Environment Protection

Member of a council of Ecological Society of Jiangxi province

Member of a council of Soil Science Society of Jiangxi province

Awards and Honors

1. Research and application of safe agricultural technology for organic waste recycling. Second Prize of 2012 Scientific and Technological Award of Jiangsu Province (ranking 4nd) 

2. Agricultural Risks and Safe Utilization Technology of Intensive Farming of Livestock and Poultry Manure and Its Popularization and Application. First Prize of 2012 Science and Technology Award of the 7th Soil Science Society of China (ranking 4nd)

Representative Articles

1.  Hui Wang, Yuan-hua Dong, Qiong An, et al. Evolution of soil chemical properties in the past fifty years in the Tai Lake Region, China. Soil & Tillage Research, 2008, 100: 54-59.  

2. Hui Wang, Qiong An, Yuan-Hua Dong. Contamination and Congener Profiles of Polychlorinated Biphenyls from different agricultural top soils in a county of the Tailake Region, China. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2010, 176: 1027-1031.  

3. Hui Wang, Yuanhua Dong, Yunya Yang, et al. Changes in heavy metal contents in animal feeds and manures in an intensive animal production region of China. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2013, 25(12): 2435-2442.  

4. Hui Wang, Yuanhua Dong, Haiyan Wang. Hazardous metals in animal manure and their changes from 1990 to 2010 in China. Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, 2014, 96(9): 1346-1355.  

5. Hai-Yan Wang, Hui Wang*, Ling-Li Tang, et al. Sorption characteristics of cyromazine and its metabolite melamine in typical agricultural soils of China. Environ Sci Pollut Res, 2014, 21(1): 979-985.  

6. Du CW, Zhou GQ, Wang H*, et al. Characterization of animal manures using mid-infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy. Bioresource Technology, 2010, 101: 6273-6277.  

7. Wenhui Wang, Hui Wang*,et al. Consistent responses of the microbial community structure to organic farming along the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River". Scientific Reports, 2016, DOI: 10.1038/srep35046.

8. Wenhui Wang, Xue Luo, Hui Wang*, et al. Succession of Composition and Function of Soil Bacterial Communities During Key Growth Stages. Frontiers in Microbiology, 11 March 2019, doi:10.3389/fmicb.2019.00421.

9. Wenhui Wang, Xue Luo, Hui Wang*, et al. Predatory Myxococcales are widely distributed in and closely correlated with the bacterial community structure of agricultural land. Applied Soil Ecology, 146, 2020, 103365.

10. Wenhui Wang, Ning Wang, Hui Wang*, et al. Long-term nitrogen application decreases the abundance and copy number of predatory myxobacteria and alters the myxobacterial community structure in the soil. Science of the Total Environment, (2020) 135114.

11. Dong Yuanhua, Lin Xiangui, Wang Hui. Environmental Problems and Countermeasures in China's Livestock Breeding Industry. Beijing: Science Press. 2015 (in Chinese).

Commitment to Research the Situation

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program):Study on the distribution characteristics and microecological functions of myxobacteria predatory in typical farmland soil (2021-2024), Project Director

2. Science and Technology Service Network Initiative of the Chinese Academy of Science (Project): Integration and demonstration of key technology system for improving soil fertility and reducing fertilizer application in the main grain producing areas (2016YFD0200300) (2016-2020), Subject Director

3. Pilot Project for Application of Central Fiscal Soil Pollution Restoration Fund: Demonstration project for Safe utilization of Arsenic polluted rice fields (2019-2020), Subject Director