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Qiguo Zhao

Qiguo Zhao

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Postal address 71 East Beijing Road, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China
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Famous soil scientist, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, doctoral supervisor. Born on February 25, 1930 in Wuhan, Hubei, he graduated from the Department of Agriculture of Huazhong Agricultural College in 1953. From 1953 to 1963, he participated in the investigation team of Yunnan and Guizhou South China rubber and tropical crops suitable for forestry as the team leader. From 1964 to 1968, the Cuban Academy of Sciences was engaged in Cuban soil research, the leader of the expert group in Cuba, and the leader of the Heilongjiang wasteland resources investigation team from 1973 to 1978. -In 1995, he served as the director of Nanjing Soil Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Hired as a doctoral supervisor in 1986 and elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991. He used to be the chairman of the Chinese Soil Society, the chairman of the Saline Soil Subcommittee of the International Soil Society, the first chairman of the Soil Environment Committee of the International Soil Society, the director of the International Mountain Research Center, the director of the Agricultural Research Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the director of the Open Laboratory Academic Committee of the Institute. Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Province and Nanjing Association for Science and Technology. He has served as part-time professor at Nanjing University, Nanjing Normal University, Jiangxi Agricultural University, Fujian Normal University, and Honorary Director of Jiangxi Red Soil Research Institute.

Long engaged in soil geography and soil resources research in my country and the world. Regarding the occurrence of tropical soils, it is clearly stated for the first time that my country's red soil has the two opposite and unified characteristics of ancient weathering process and modern red soilization process. An evaluation plan for tropical crop utilization grades based on thermal conditions and soil properties is proposed, which provides a reliable scientific basis for formulating hot crop development plans and layouts. In promoting the development of soil science, a new direction for "soil circle" research was proposed, and the "soil circle material circulation open laboratory" was established. On the basis of long-term participation in southern red soil research, through systematic summary, various planning and development plans for soil zoning improvement, degraded soil improvement, and soil ecology and environmental evaluation are proposed. New insights have been provided to the current problems in agricultural modernization and sustainable agricultural development: such as population increase and decrease, conflicts between people and land, food security, environmental degradation, and resource decline; the sustainable development of agriculture in Jiangsu Province and the Yangtze River Delta For development issues, systematic suggestions were put forward. In recent years, he has suggested and participated in national "973" research projects such as "Soil Quality" and "Southeast Environmental Quality", and participated in research on major issues such as agriculture and environment, ecological sustainable development, and agricultural clean production. From 2008 to 2011, he participated in the research of "China to 2050 Agricultural Science and Technology Development Roadmap" and served as the team leader. In recent years, research on "ecological high-value agriculture" has been carried out, and ideas and suggestions for the development of "ecological high-value agriculture" have been put forward.


He has won 20 international, national and Chinese Academy of Sciences awards such as the Zhu Kezhen Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the International Dakuchaev Award, and the Fourth Nikkei Asia Awards. He is an expert with outstanding contributions to the country. He has published 21 monographs and more than 400 papers. Visited 45 countries and gave lectures. Nearly a hundred graduate students have been trained.

Research Areas:

Soil resources, ecological environment, sustainable agricultural development 

Awards and Honors:

1. The 4th Nikkei Asia Awards in 1999 Nikkei News Agency (personal award); 

2. 1990 International Dakuchaev Prize, International Soil Society (Personal Award);

3. In 2001, the International Mountain Research Center "Gold Certificate" (Nepal) (personal award);

4. In 2004, China's Red Soil Degradation Mechanism and Prevention of National Science and Technology Progress Award, Second Class, State Council of the People's Republic of China;

5. In 1991, the National Science and Technology Commission of China's Soil and the National Science and Technology Award of the "China Soil Atlas";

6. In 1982, the technology of large-scale planting of rubber trees at 18-24 degrees north latitude won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Invention Award, which was awarded by the National Science and Technology Commission in 1982;

7. In 1988, the monograph of "Red Soil in China", the first prize of Natural Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chinese Academy of Sciences;

8. The second edition monograph of "Soil in China" in 1990, the first prize of Natural Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chinese Academy of Sciences;

9. In 1989, "Red Soil in Jiangxi", the second prize of Natural Science Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chinese Academy of Sciences;

10. In 1986, "Regionalization of the Utilization and Improvement of Red and Yellow Soil Regions in China", the third prize of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chinese Academy of Sciences;

11. In 1996, the comprehensive management technology of red soil ecosystem and sustainable agricultural development, the second prize of scientific and technological progress of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chinese Academy of Sciences;

12. The material exchange between the red soil and the environment and its relationship with plant growth in 1994, the third prize of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences;

13. In 1995, Huanghuaihai Plain's fertilizer-saving supporting technology centered on trace elements and its demonstration and promotion won the third prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences;

14. In 1992, the research on the theory and method of compiling 1:1 million soil maps in China, the third prize of Natural Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences;

15. In 1978, the investigation and development and utilization of wasteland resources in Daxinganling and Heihe in Heilongjiang Province was awarded the certificate of Chinese Academy of Sciences;

16. The first Zhu Kezhen Field Work Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1984, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (personal award);

17. The third prize of Hong Kong Soil and Environmental Research and Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award in 2005 by the State Environmental Protection Administration;

18. In 2005, the second prize of Jiangsu Province Scientific and Technological Progress Award for Research and Implementation of Cleaner Production of Agricultural Products in Jiangsu Province;

19. In 2005, Jiangsu Province Agricultural Products Cleaner Production Innovation Research and Implementation Jiangsu Province Soft Science Achievement Award Jiangsu Science and Technology Association.

Representative works:

1. Zhao Qiguo, "Preliminary Study on the Modern Soil Formation Process and Development Age of Red Soils in my country," Quaternary Studies, Issue 4, 1992, 341-351.

2. Zhao Qiguo et al. (Monograph) "Red Soil Material Cycle and Its Regulation" 2002, Science Press, 495 pages. 

3. Zhao Qiguo et al. (Monograph) "The temporal and spatial changes, formation mechanism and regulation of red soil degradation in my country", 2002, Science Press., 352 pages.

4. Zhao Qiguo, 2002. "Pedosphere, global changes and environmental qulity of soils" Symposium 61, 17th WCSS, 14-21 August, Thailand, 1857-1-10.

5. Zhao Qiguo,Li Zhong,1997."Organic carbon storage in soils of southeast China"Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 49: 229-234.

6. Zhao Qiguo. Improve understanding of soil and innovate modern soil science. Acta Pedologica Sinica, 2008, September, 45 (5): 771-777.

7. Zhao Qiguo, Chief Editor Duan Zengqiang (Monograph) "Ecological High-Value Agriculture: Theory and Practice", 2013, Science Press, 294 pages.

Representive Projetcs

1. The mechanism and regulation of temporal and spatial changes of red soil degradation in my country 1996-1999 (National Natural Science Key Fund)

2. The law of soil and atmospheric environmental quality changes and regulation principles in the Yangtze River and Pearl River Delta regions, 2003-2007 973 project of the Ministry of Science and Technology

3. Comprehensive scientific investigation and research of China's soil erosion and ecological security, a project of the Ministry of Water Resources from 2005 to 2007

4. Research and implementation of innovation in clean production of agricultural products in Jiangsu Province 2004-2005 major scientific and technological projects in Jiangsu Province

5. Research on China's Soil Environment Strategy 2007-2008 Tasks of the State Environmental Protection Administration

6. Strategic Research on Agricultural Modernization in Jiangsu Province 2007-2008 Major Science and Technology Projects of Jiangsu Provincial Government

7. Strategic research on the development roadmap in the field of science and technology, 2008-2009 key projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences