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Jinyu Hou

Jinyu Hou

Position Title
Postal address 71 East Beijing Road, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China
Postal Code 210008 E-mail jyhou@issas.ac.cn


Postdoc, 2019.12- , Soil Science, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Science, Advisor: Prof. Wuxing Liu

Visiting Investigator, 2017.10-2018.10, Environmental Science, Institute for Environmental Genomics, University of Oklahoma (OU), Advisor: Prof. Jizhong Zhou

Ph.D.,  2015.09-2020.01, Environmental Science ,University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Advisor: Prof. Longhua Wu

MS, 2012.09-2015.06, Environmental Engineering, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Advisor: Prof. Wuxing Liu

BS, 2008.09-2012.06, Environmental Science, Liaoning Univesity, Shengyang, China

Research Interest

Bioremediation of petroleum pollution

Rhizosphere microbial community of hyperaccumulator

Representative Publications

1. Hou, J., Wu, L.*, Liu, W., Ge, Y., Mu, T., Zhou, T., Li, Z., Zhou, J., Sun, X., Luo, Y., Christie, P. 2020. Biogeography and diversity patterns of abundant and rare bacterial communities in rice paddy soils across China. Science of The Total Environment, 730, 139116.

2. Hou, J., Liu, W. *, Wu, L., Ge, Y., Hu, P., Li, Z., Christie, P. 2019. Rhodococcus sp. NSX2 modulates the phytoremediation efficiency of a trace metal-contaminated soil by reshaping the rhizosphere microbiome. Applied Soil Ecology, 133, 62-69.

3. Hou, J., Liu, W. *, Wu, L., Hu, P., Ma, T., Luo, Y., Christie, P. 2017. Modulation of the efficiency of trace metal phytoremediation by Sedum plumbizincicola by microbial community structure and function. Plant and Soil, 421(1), 285-299.

4. Hou, J., Liu, W. *, Wang, B., Wang, Q., Luo, Y., Franks, A.E. 2015. PGPR enhanced phytoremediation of petroleum contaminated soil and rhizosphere microbial community response. Chemosphere, 138, 592-598.

5. Liu, W. *, Hou, J., Wang, Q., Yang, H., Luo, Y., Christie, P.J.P., Soil. 2015. Collection and analysis of root exudates of Festuca arundinacea L. and their role in facilitating the phytoremediation of petroleum-contaminated soil. Plant and Soil, 389(1), 109-119.

6. Liu, W. *, Hou, J., Wang, Q., Ding, L., Luo, Y. 2014. Isolation and characterization of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria and their effects on phytoremediation of petroleum-contaminated saline-alkali soil. Chemosphere, 117, 303-308.

Current Funded Projects

Youth Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China