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Cultivation and Restoration principles and application of sedum plumbizincicola

This book first introduce the biological characteristics of sedum plumbizincicola, seeding technology and the rule of cadmium and zinc accumulation. Then, the field cultivation and management techniques of sedum plumbizincicola, including land cultivation, furrow and ridging, transplanting with film mulching, water and fertilizer management, disease and pest control, intercropping techniques, safe disposal of cadmium containing plants and so on. Combined with the actual restoration cases in Yunnan, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places, the key points and practical skills in process of the field cultivation and management of sedum plumbizincicola were further emphasized, as well as the technical characteristics under different soil and climate conditions. Finally, the recent research process of the research group in the remediation of cadmium contained soil with sedum plumbizincicola is briefly introduced. This book focuses on the combined plant remediation of soil contaminated by moderate and light heavy metals (especially cadmium), which has important practical significance for the development of green remediation technology of contaminated soil and safe production of agricultural products.

 This book can be used as a reference book for researchers, technicians and front-line production personnel in the fields of soil science, environmental science, agronomy, plant physiology and soil remediation, and can also be used as reference textbook for postgraduate courses of related majors universities and research institutes.